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Scratchcard Information – What To Include

Your Guide To Essential Scratchcard Information Scratch cards have a magical way of piquing our curiosity and adding an element of surprise to various promotions and marketing campaigns. As the excitement builds to scratch off the concealed area, it’s crucial to ensure that the scratchcard information presented is clear, enticing and aligned with your campaign …

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Scratch card finishing options

Scratch cards are fantastic for a whole host of uses! You can use scratch cards for lottery or gambling games, for a charity event or for a creative marketing strategy. But with so many options to choose from, creating your perfect custom scratch cards can be a little daunting! We talk you through some of the scratch card finishing options at your fingertips…

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History of Scratch Cards

Scratch cards nowadays are a very commonplace phenomenon. You can buy them at every newsagents and corner shop, and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone in the UK who’s never scratched off a panel! Even if you don’t play the lottery or other games, you’ve probably used scratch cards from time to time: for parking permits, marketing devices and freebies! But how did the humble scratch card come about? We take a brief look at the history of scratch cards.

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