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5 Scratch Card Uses

When we think of scratch cards, we often think of winning big prizes in competitions and lotteries – but scratch cards can do so much more!

Scratch-off latex is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal; not just for adding an air of suspense to your promotional message, but also compelling consumers to engage with your advertising in a truly interactive way.

Plus, scratch-off latex is also handy for simple data entry – even if you don’t have a pen handy.

To give you a little inspiration, here’s 5 scratch card uses you may not have thought of!

Discount coupons

What do you reveal when you scratch off a traditional lottery scratch card? Prizes! But who says you need to be running a lottery to offer your customers a reward?

Printing coupons with scratch-off latex can be a great way of hooking customers in. By hiding the discount offer underneath the scratch layer, you can build anticipation and transform the relatively mundane experience of receiving a coupon into a mini mystery – even if you’re offering the same discount on every single coupon.

Of course, it’s best to make it clear to customers that your coupons aren’t a competition campaign; but that won’t diminish the experience of receiving one.

Mini advent calendars

Planning your promotional campaign early for this year’s Christmas? Why not offer customers a mini scratch-off advent calendar with different daily deals under each panel?

It’s an easy way to keep the magic of an extended promotional campaign going, with customers checking back in every day to see what you’re offering. And it’s not just for Christmas; you can use the same scratch card concept for pretty much any multi-week or even multi-month campaign.

Daily habit trackers

This one’s a useful one for self-improvement brands; such as gyms, leisure centres, weight loss programmes and the like. By printing a mini calendar with scratch-off panels for each day, customers can scratch off the days where they achieved and see their progress at a glance.

Of course, most people will typically use other tools (such as wall calendars and phone apps) to keep track of their progress instead; but it’s still a fun, interactive piece of print marketing that shows you care about your customers and their goals.

Plus, you can also use these mini trackers to highlight the other benefits of your service and set expectations. For example, you can add key milestones to certain dates on the calendar; or if you’re offering a short, intensive course which promises results fast, you could display the entire duration of your course on your tracker calendars to emphasise how quickly it can be completed.

Parking permits and visitor permits

This one’s great if you’re offering access to parking facilities which don’t have ticket machines (such as residential streets). With a scratch card parking permit, drivers can indicate the arrival time of their stay by simply scratching off the date and time panels – simple!

Scratch the world map print

Scratch the world map print with coin / fingernail skills! Create a mini scratch poster and allow your customers to track their travels with a scratch the world map card! 

Stay tuned to the blog for more scratch card tips and inspiration; or get in touch with our team at on 02380 878030 to discuss your print requirements today!

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