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The Use of Scratch Cards in Your Business

The office environment is generally considered to be a serious one. Nearly all businesses insist on a formal dress code and the strict adherence of the rules to make sure that workers are efficient and focused. However, that does not mean that there can’t be a few fun elements introduced to make the experience a little more tolerable.

Scratchcards are typically conceived as the primary way in which one would gamble, and attempt to win the lottery. However, they have uses outside of that industry, and we are going to talk a little bit about how they can be used to help you create a more pleasant environment for your workers.

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How to keep your scratchcard giveaway above board

Scratchcard giveaways are a great way of promoting your product to consumers; or rewarding customers and encouraging repeat business for your services.

But as with any contest or giveaway, the UK does have certain regulations you’ll need to follow to keep everything fair, honest and fun.

We’re certainly not lawyers here at, and we can’t offer legal advice for your scratchcard campaign - but we can give you a few tips on running a legitimate giveaway in the UK from some of the country’s leading authorities on gambling and advertising standards. (Nevertheless, we’d suggest consulting your legal department or advisor before launching a widespread scratchcard campaign.)

scratch cards

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Blogging, social media, PPC, SEO – if you’re the owner of an SME, chances are you’ve heard it all when it comes to mainstream marketing mediums - listicles, tips, How-Tos.

Whether they’ve failed to trigger the tidal wave of sales they promised, or you’re simply looking for a marketing tool that slots in neatly beside them, scratch cards could just be the best sales tool you’re yet to consider. Here’s the low-down on what scratch cards can achieve for your business, and how they can form part of your wider marketing plan.

scratch cards for fund raising

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Scratch cards: A great idea for good causes

You’ve sat in a bathtub of baked beans, climbed Kilimanjaro, had your legs waxed, your head shaved. What next? Scratch cards are the surprisingly simple and seriously effective method of fundraising (minus the need to scale scary mountains or discover beans in orifices weeks later). Here’s all you need to know about fundraising with scratch cards (straight from the horse’s mouth of our industry experts).

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