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Scratch card finishing options

Scratch cards are fantastic for a whole host of uses! You can use scratch cards for lottery or gambling games, for a charity event or for a creative marketing strategy. But with so many options to choose from, creating your perfect custom scratch cards can be a little daunting! We talk you through some of the scratch card finishing options at your fingertips…

scratch card safety competition 1


Our scratch cards are printed on 350gsm silk stock as standard. This is the same paper gsm (gsm stands for grams per weight – and pertains to the thickness) as business cards, offering a sturdiness without being bulky. Silk stock has a gentle sheen to it, offering a touch of luxury and elegance.

However, we do offer a wide variety of paper weights for your scratch cards. We offer gsms from 200 to 450, so should you need something a little thinner or thicker, we’ve got you covered.

Latex panel options

With scratch cards, the main event is the latex panel! Customers will scratch this off with a penny or a fingernail to reveal their prize! As such, it’s important that it looks appealing. We have a variety of latex panel colours on offer, including gold, silver and black.

We also offer overprinted latex panels. Overprinting is a technique whereby text or graphics can be added on top of the coloured latex panel. This can be incredibly handy if you’d like to print instructions or even if you’d like to ‘hide’ your panel within the design for an awesome surprise or treasure hunt!


Foiling is a printing technique whereby coloured foil can be compressed into your design to provide luxurious and eye-catching elements. It’s most commonly used to highlight your logo or company name, but can be used for anything you like!

Spot UV

Spot UV is similar to foiling, but the affected areas will be highly reflected. Not only does this add a touch of class and luxury, it draws the eye to the specific area, helping to highlight your company branding.


With digital printing scratch cards can be anything you want them to be, whether that be a scratch calendar or an event ticket. Hologramatic printing offers authenticity to your printed scratch card and enables you to use your card as an event or raffle ticket. The hologram is similar to those found on tickets or bonds, and adds a little something extra, as well as making your product impossible to fake!


Should you need any assistance with your scratch cards uk production or scratch card finishing options, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today. From bulk orders to design assistance, we are here to help.


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