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Scratch Card Promotion Ideas for 2023

For your company, our specially produced scratch cards are a fantastic promotion tool. They can be utilised for promotions, giving out discounts, loyalty reward programmes, and generating money for charities.

There are many uses for Scratch Cards, and we are frequently asked for suggestions on how to market and promote businesses. Take a look at some suggestions below.


One of the most popular reasons for printing scratch cards is for fundraising. Whether it’s for a charity, local school, or organisation these cards are an effective way of raising funds and generating donations. You can have winner cards printed and sell the cards to raise some money. However, there are specific rules for running a scratch card campaign. These rules can be found on the CAP website here.

Direct Email Campaigns

Scratch cards can be used in direct mail campaigns. Postcards, invitations, and brochures can all have them attached. You can provide discount codes for your goods or services using the.

Sports Club Scratch Cards

With custom designed scratch cards, you can increase memberships and sales. They might provide free sessions, free tickets, or discounts in exchange for advertising your activities. They can also be used to distribute sports club items. You can collaborate with nearby companies and give away rewards from them. They could boost your marketing and advertising efforts.


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Nightclub Marketing

Scratchcards can be used by nightclubs to advertise their events. It’s possible to win drinks, free admission, or VIP packages as scratch-off prizes. They might persuade clients to come back to your club another night if they are distributed there.


When you use our cards at exhibitions, people become interested in your booth. Give free instruction, job opportunities, or prizes. Your sales team might use the cards as an “icebreaker” to start a conversation with potential customers.

Incentives For Employees

Cards can be used as frequent prizes for achievements in sales, customer service, innovation, or reaching goals. Free coffee, an extra day off, or lunch with the boss are all possible prizes! The options are limitless.

Takeaways and Restaurants 

Customers should receive cards with their orders to encourage them to return and try something different the next time they place an order. Alternatively, if you run a restaurant, they can return to claim their reward.

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