Variable Data Scratch Cards

Boost your scratch card campaign’s appeal & protect against forgeries.
Make each individual card special, with unique prizes & verification codes. 

With variable data printing, you’re free to customise every single card in your print run with unique codes, messages or graphics.

It’s great for multi-prize scratch card giveaways, and for protecting your campaign investment from counterfeit scratch card copies.

Variable data scratch cards
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What is Variable Printing?

You may have heard of ‘mail merge‘. It’s the digital printing process which enables you to automatically print personalised copies of the same letter or mailing envelope.

Variable data printing is essentially the next evolution of mail merge for the professional print industry; offering almost unlimited options for customising your scratch card print run.

With variable data printing, you can not only divide your print quantity across multiple variants of the same design; but you can also control the quantity of each variant to match your requirements.

Each variable data print run starts with a ‘base’ or ‘static’ artwork file, and a database excel spreadsheet of the ‘variables’ to be printed ‘on top’.

Using digital printing technology, each variable is automatically combined with the static artwork and printed together simultaneously – so a variable data printing can be finished just as quickly as a generic print run.

variable data printing

Benefits of variable printing

The possibilities of variable data printing for scratch cards are endless!

Want to make your scratch card campaign even more enticing to customers? Why not offer multiple prize items with individual winning cards for each prize? (And don’t forget, you’re free to tailor the quantities of each card variant to match your prize pool inventory.)

Looking to increase customer loyalty? Why not make each customer feel special with a unique message, discount offer or coupon code? You could even add personalised URLs to push customers to your website or social media; helping your in-store marketing and digital marketing strategies work in tandem with each other.

Need to protect your campaign’s prize pool and profits from over-redemption? Or looking to track your campaign’s success across different audiences & regions? Variable data printing enables you to add unique verification & tracking features to each card; from basic sequential numbered codes to digital barcodes and QR codes or unique random numbering for additional security. If required, we can generate the random numbers for you and return the spreadsheet so that you can verify that each prize winner is genuine by cross referencing the random number on the excel file with the number shown on the scratch card.

No matter what your variable printing requirements are, our team can make it happen.

Need a hand setting up your variable data print? Get in touch on 02380 878030 or email today.

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