Sorting and Packing

Sorted, Shuffled, Packed and Delivered…we do it all!


If you are running new product launches, tradeshow giveaways, shop discounts, direct mailing or employee incentives you may have a large quantity of scratch cards with different “prizes” under the scratch off latex.

As standard, your scratchcard order will come packed by kind/type (e.g. all winners of prize A together, all prize B together and so on) but if you want your cards shuffled or packed in a different way, you will need to let us know before placing your order.

As the sorting process can take some time, there is a small additional fee for this. To get a bespoke quotation, please contact us.

We have put together some examples with prices to help give an idea of the costs involved:


Random shuffling of your order with any quantity of winners/losers/prizes:

  • Up to 1000 scratch cards  – £25.00
  • Up to 5000 scratch cards – £50.00
  • Over 5000 scratch cards – £75.00

Consecutive Sorting

Sorting your scratch cards in order (relating to unique code/serial code)

  • Up to 1000 scratch cards – £30.00
  • Up to 5000 scratch cards – £55.00
  • Over 5000 scratch cards – £80.00

Custom Kits

Packed to your custom requirements (e.g. packed per delivery location (shipping costs will apply),  or packed into individual kits).

  • Please call for prices


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