Multiple Versions

Do you have multiple artwork versions for the same product? You can print individual designs on each scratch card version with ‘Multiple Versions’.

Ideal for companies who are using the scratch cards at different times for different promotions. 

The size and shape of your scratch card needs to be the same across all version, as do the scratch off panels. The artwork itself and the prizes can be different across all versions, e.g. you may be running a promotion for each season in which case you would have spring, summer, autumn and winter artwork version.

Printing multiple versions at the same time is a real money saver. A good part of the production cost is in setting up the printing press and setting up for the application of the scratch off latexing. So, if you are printing a version for each season in one go you’ll save 3 sets of set up costs.



When to use multiple versions:

  • Different Artwork – New artwork for each batch of scratch cards
  • Different Branch Design/Logos – Change of images or logos for each version
  • Winner/Loser scratch cards in different colours/styles
  • Front design same throughout but different design on the reverse of each card
  • Scratch cards to suit different ages of your customers
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