What is lamination?

Laminating is a finishing technique that involves bonding a layer of plastic or similar material to the outside of your finished scratch card design. This process adds durability and tensile strength to the printed scratch card, as well as offering a different aesthetic finish. 

At we offer two types of lamination for your scratch off products:

Matt lamination is cost-effective and provides an elegant and subdued finish. It is most popular for scratch off posters and cards denoting luxury items or events. 

Gloss lamination is also cost-effective and offers the exact opposite finish – shiny and glossy, colours appear brighter and more vibrant. Gloss is ideal for any scratch card that needs to really ‘pop’, including scratch posters aimed at children. 

For more information about the lamination process, and the advantages and disadvantages of two  different laminations on offer, take a look at our handy Laminate Guide.

Laminated Scratchcards
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